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What are the best paint colors when selling your home in 2023

This years most popular paint colors are earth tones of pink and clay, but are these the best colors for selling your home?

The goal for selecting the right interior paint color is to find a shade that appeals to as many buyers as possible. Colors in a neutral shade are preferable and don't leave a buyer feeling challenged trying to imagine how to add their own decorating tastes to a space.

Buyers in general prefer the neutral shades in whites, taupes and grays. It's easier for buyers to visualize themselves living in the home with their own furniture and personal touches when the space is neutral, rather than letting a potential buyer be distracted by colors that would be hard to match with their own design style.

When we are advising clients on preparing their homes for sale, we have a range of 'go-to paint

colors' that we recommend, we've found there is usually a perfect shade for every property!

When you go with the neutrals, use the same color in all the rooms, it gives the home a cohesive feel, and helps a home feel more spacious to buyers. Another great benefit of using a single color, is it creates an easy flow from room to room.

Our best advise for choosing a paint color when your selling your home is really to keep it simple, give the buyer a blank canvas by painting a neutral shade throughout and save the on-trend wow colors for you to enjoy in your new home.

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