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Decluttering Paperwork!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Keeping your paperwork under control is no easy task. We can all very quickly accumulate a mountain of paperwork and then feel daunted by the task of deciding what can be tossed, what should I file, and if I'm keeping it, is it forever?

To get started with deciding on what to keep and what can go, follow these few simple steps

  1. Use the timeline Infograph as a guide to how long you need to keep your documents.

  2. Sort your documents into the four KEEP pile categories, plus have a to GO box or trash bags handy for documents you're getting rid of.

  3. Grab your GO box of documents for either recycling or shredding

  4. Organize your four piles of KEEP paperwork in a filing system that works best for you

  5. Declutter regularly.

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