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Staged Space

Creating thoughtful livable spaces

Staging homes buyers love!


Staged Space, the go-to staging resource for real estate agents and home sellers.

At Staged Space, we believe that home staging is much more than just making a property look aesthetically pleasing. We strive to create a space that tells a story and captures the buyer’s imagination.
We make it easy to navigate through the pre-sale home preparation steps and use a strategic mix of the home owners furniture, lighting, our accessories and room planning expertise to create a space  that buyers will love and want to call home. 

Our comprehensive pre-sale preparation and staging consultation service is the perfect way to get started on the journey to selling your home.   We tour your  property,  viewing it as a potential hard-to-please buyer to provide you with a detailed room-by-room plan of our best recommendations for preparing and staging your home for sale. 
We don't miss any of the details, from decluttering & organizing, repairs, paint, flooring, lighting  and cleaning to furniture placement, room function, all the way to curb appeal.
Homeowners and realtors love our easy-to-follow plan, which helps them to quickly prepare their home 

Preparation & Staging Consultation 

Interior Design

Staged Space is dedicated to helping homeowners prepare their homes for market and be ready to impress!

Just so you Know 

At Staged Space, we offer a range of staging services to help realtors and their clients maximize the potential of their homes. Our  PREPARATION & STAGING CONSULTATION service offers homeowners  the option to complete all the tasks themselves or assign some or all of the tasks to us.

Occupied Staging 

Staged Space specializes in occupied staging, where the finished design uses our own stylish accents and accessories with the homeowners furniture to create the perfect look and feel for each room.   We showcase the home's best features and place the furniture for the rooms to seamlessly flow transforming  the space into a beautiful home that stands out from the competition. 

Living Room with Corner Sofa
"Occupied staging is the perfect solution for homeowners who are still living in their home.  We create a custom plan that fits both the homeowner's lifestyle and the needs of the buyer"

Virtual Staging  

Our virtual staging services offer buyers the opportunity to visualize how a space can look with furniture and decor, giving them a better idea of the potential of the room. We create realistic visuals of the space, so buyers don't have to imagine the potential of an empty or unfinished space. Virtual staging is a great complmentary service for our occupied staging clients, giving them the best of both worlds.

Vacant Staging 

We offer a range of options for vacant home staging.  Staged Space will professionally select the inventory for the home, arrange delivery and set-up on staging day.  

Glass Vase
White Chair in an Empty Room

we are not quite finished yet...

We offer a range of additional services to make the pre-sale preparation process even easier. We have all the skills and resources to help real estate agents and their clients get a property ready for the market with our goal to make the entire selling experience  feel as stress free as possible.


Don't move  with your clutter! We can help you figure out what to keep, donate, or throw away, so you can take only what you need to your new home. We can get you organized so that you can make the most of your new  space.


Our staging consultation identifies repairs and recommended  updates as part of the preparation  to putting your home on the market. Our trusted contractors, landscapers and cleaning services are all available to you to ensure your home is ready for showing 


We have  a range of go-to staging paint colors we know work for buyers, we'll help you choose  the shade to bring out the best in your home


Show off your storage to potential buyers by minimizing items! We understand preparing your home takes time, we can help with packing away all the unnecessary items from closets, cabinets and shelves  and store the items safely in a designated area.  


Staged Space offers personalized product selection to help make your home market-ready. Our staging consultation may include recommendations on which light fixtures, door hardware, flooring, or vanities to switch out. We will provide a selection of product options all within your budget in mind.


...Homeowners, if you haven't yet chosen your realtor, please ask for a recommendation ... we work with the best!

Staged Space is focused on transforming homes to make them more appealing to potential buyers. We use a blend of interior design, styling and our comprehensive pre-sale preparation service to make sure that each home is given the best chance to sell quickly and at the highest possible price. We understand that a home is much more than just a space, and strive to create a home that will captivate buyers. 

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