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Staged Space

Creating thoughtful livable spaces


If you don't use it, love it and really want it - it's clutter

Just because it fits in your home, it doesn't mean it belongs

Staged Space has your decluttering and organizing covered! We will help you clear the clutter, re-organize,  maximize the storage and create usable spaces in your home or workspace, making it a place that reflects your style and lifestyle. 

The top 3 reasons clients use our decluttering & organizing services: 
  • They are getting ready to move, and don't want to take unwanted clutter to their new home
  • They have too much stuff and are overwhelmed never able to find what they need 
  • Out of space and need help to free up storage.
We have endless ideas and tips for organizing every space in your home, from closets, children play areas, kitchen cabinets to workspaces and mud rooms. 
White T-shirt on Hanger

...where do I start?

Let's Make a Plan!

Start with our decluttering and organizing plan, designed to help you reclaim your space!  We will visit your home or workspace  to identify and prioritize your decluttering and organizing needs.   We will then create a detailed plan to help give you a functional space you will love. 
Let the hard work begin
Our  comprehensive organizing and decluttering plan tailored to your individual needs, provides you with all the tools and advice to declutter and organize yourself or assign the tasks to us to save you time and hassle. Whatever you choose, our goal is to help you achieve a clutter-free and organized home.



We can help with all aspects of decluttering and organizing, from sorting through items, arranging pick-up of unwanted things,  to creating storage solutions, to help our clients live a more organized and stress-free life.  Life is easier knowing what to keep and what needs to go. 

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