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Merging your design vision with someone else’s!

Like me, you probably think you have enviable design taste, and are the style aficionado amongst your friends (you are probably right ) But... horror, you get a new room mate or a significant other moving into your home who doesn't share the same enthusiasm for your decorating and worse, have design ideas of their own! Yes, this can really happen!

It's a tough reality, but don't panic, you just need to understand the simple rules of style blending!

Your first steps will be overcoming that annoying challange called compromise by learning how to not scream "NO" as you see your well loved vase heading to the donate box.

Don't just throw everything together and hope it works out. It won't! It is possible to blend and love two design styles. With an open mind for change take some time to get a good look at all the furniture. You want to select carefully, finding items that will harmonize and live happily together. Even though the styles are different, you should be searching for some similarities. It maybe in the color, the finishes, the lines, the shape or even a pattern. Keep in mind, furniture has evolved but most styles are influenced by a previous design or time period.

Don't be tempted to divide rooms, instead mix the two different styles throughout the whole space, so it looks intended and gives the eye a smooth transition between the pieces.

Its a good idea to find a piece of furniture that bridges the gap between the two styles, you may for instance have a very traditional classic chair but it can be reupholstered in a fabric thats more modern . For example using monochromic color scheme on a traditional sofa with a modern coffee table can give you an uber stylish look!

So, embrace the challange, and let the dynamic mix of styles bring a stylish and unique look to your home.

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