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Let us design your space

We want your room design challenge ... 

Do you have an awkward space?  are you stuck? 2 people, 2 opinions in need of help blending the styles? short of ideas? short of time?  a gorgeous space in need of the finishing touches? small budget, but love the look of expensive? help with color? advice with room layout and function? moved home and unsure how to arrange your furniture in your new space...
You found us!  Now let us help!
To truly understand our clients and deliver the best design, we ask that you tell us what you like, who you are, what you need and how you live...and we always say hello to the elephant in the room. 
Staged Space listens to your design likes, your style choices from traditional to mid century modern, from bo ho chic to contemporary

we love to listen to your design likes

Who are you?

traditional? contemporary? boho chic? modern? a little of each? ...we got you!


we design for how you live, who design for who lives in your space,we design for your life
we love to hear about how you use your space.
we love to know how you live


We want you to tell us your specific needs for how you live. kids? pets? entertaining? relatives? work?

We always keep the main objective in mind.

OK so far?

a design budget you are comfortable with

The elephant just walked into the room.                           BUDGET

...we got you on that one too!

See how we help our clients to get a well thought out,  creative space at a budget that they feel comfortable with. 


Our approach is unique because we're designing a space for how you live, not whats trending.

Our design style is 'you'

Staged Space room designs are created for you. We never forget the budget
we will elevate your space beyond your vision and create an amazing room that works for everyone using it

creatively designed stylish good-looking spaces

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