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  • Sue Garnett

The cost of a stager is a lot less than your first price reduction!

Are you HGTV ready?

Great realtors know the second they walk into a property if its going to be an easy or challenging sell. We all look to our realtors as the experts on local supply and demand and what most of them know is, the demand is usually HGTV ready!

but, some spaces just wouldn't make the show!

The internet and social media has changed how buyers search for their next home, so much so the market has embraced the necessary professionals to make a listing stand out from the rest. Stagers and professional photographers have become the norm for giving a home the best chance at a great first impression. Realtors, Stagers and Photographers we have to be a team!

The big question sellers ask 'why should we put money into a home we want to move out of?'

Well there's your answer! You want to move, and our job as a stager is to help your realtor make that happen for you. A fact we like to share and ask any hesitant client to ponder is "the costs of a stager, are far less than the first typical price reduction"

Its key, when we go in to stage a space, that our design style supports the price point of the home, which goes back to us working closely with your realtor. For us, listening and educating ourselves with the realtors valuable knowledge of the local market gives us the tools to deliver a smart staging solution.

Lets talk about the photographer! Its a vital part of our job to not only have your home ready for open house, but also have it photoshoot ready for its MLS debut. We stage and style homes to show off the best features ready for the perfect photographs to be uploaded on the internet, which is most probably where your buyer is going to find you first! Its good to remember, if a buyer doesn't like what they see in the picture they will not waste their time coming to take a look inside your home.

Sellers, be the team decision maker! The one thing you have complete control over, is the first look. Choose to stage and let us get you ready to go, while your amazingly talented realtor you carefully selected stays busy finding that buyer who will love your home as you did!

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