your Staged Space begins with a consultation


Welcome to our Staging Portal, designed to provide professional services to help you help sell your next listing.  We want to be on your team!


How does it work? 

Easy, we want you to compile your own package. 

Beginning with a consultation, our service selection is flexible. Simply mix and match all of the services that meet your home staging requirements and your clients budget. 

Home tour + detailed guide of recommended tasks to be completed before the photos are taken and before the property hits the MLS. Our easy to use check list helps the seller see the home through the eyes of a buyer. Plus helps with those languishing listings to look fresh!


. Consultation


With CONSULTATION check list approved we complete the tasks! The finished design uses our own stylish accents, the homeowners furniture placed perfectly in  the room for the space to flow, clutter gone and the home's best features highlighted - its ready for its MLS debut!

+ add


We define empty spaces, add thoughtfully chosen furniture, gorgeous accessories and deliver on an engaging home!

.Floor plan

.Furniture rental, purposefully selected for the demographic

.Accessories & artwork

.Paint color choices

.Stage & De-Stage


We get the homeowner ready to go and the clutter gone! Sort, Box & Discard  We will also arrange pickup for donation items. 


Photoshoot perfect! Prior to the arrival of the photographer we check that your listing is looking MLS ready!

A super option for your homeowners who have staged their own space. 


Specifically for clients who wish to purchase new items to stage the home.


Consultation + Staging

Consultation + Pre-packing + Walk through

Consultation + Vacant Staging