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Let us stage your home and get you ready to go

Staged Space helps you make the transition from

"I'm thinking of selling" to "I'm ready to go"

We are flipping the market and changing the reasons to hire a stager. 
Home Staging, Reston

If you are considering a move its the preparation ahead of time that matters and staging your space involves more than de-cluttering and a splash of paint on the front door.

Say a hello to us before you hire your realtor!  We get you ready to go and present your home at its very best - to your professional selling team!

When the realtors see you are ready to move quickly, your property becomes much more appealing. Your home will be ready to be viewed by the prospective buyers and inspectors! Most importantly your home will be ready for the photographer! We get your place ready for its debut on the MLS!!!

our staging options...

We create beautiful spaces and keep the cost at a minimum by reimagining your own furniture and accessories combined with a few of our own special items. 


Home tour + Questions + Staging Guide


We accompany you on a tour of your home to view it as seen by a hard-to-please house hunter.  Prospective buyer goggles firmly on!  We ask lots of questions, look at each room in detail and plan out our ideas to have each space appeal to buyers.  Afterwards we provide you with a personalized staging guide containing our professional and best recommendations that fit your budget on preparing your home for the housing market. 

We tour your home and provide you with a detailed guide to stage your home for sale.



Stage it + Present it + Sell it (or keep it!)


We make it all happen! First we get your approval of our recommendations and then we get to work. 

Such as furniture placement, accessories, color palette, minor repairs, organization and more... its all about your needs - this is generally a one day event. 

Your space staged ready to catch the imagination of a new buyer - at a cost lower than your first price reduction

Love it or list it?
With your home organized, fresh colors on the wall and a curb appeal that the neighbors are all talking about - you may find yourself falling back in love with your home.  Hiring our services for a few days may the least expensive and easiest house move you ever made!
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